How can you be the go-to person from your class/program? Class Ambassador, that's how. Contact Alaina Schuster, Associate Director, Alumni Relations and Development, at 713-348-3710 for more information.


  • Serve as a goodwill ambassador for the business school and a central point of communication to your program’s class year.
  • Act as an extension of the alumni board under the direction of the Alumni-Alumni Committee.
  • Attend an annual Class Ambassador meeting scheduled by the Office of External Relations (OER).
  • Communicate with classmates to:
    • Ensure contact information in the school’s alumni database remains current.
    • Collect notable news from classmates on behalf of the OER.
    • Endorse email communications to your class about key school programs, initiatives and information related to the Jones Fund philanthropic efforts for your class.
  • Serve as a recurring member of the Reunion Committee
    • Actively raise awareness/excitement about reunion and invite your classmates to participate.
    • Attend reunion committee planning meetings as scheduled by the OER. Meetings will typically be held in late October, January and March.
    • Endorse email and social media communication to your class about reunion (messaging provided by the OER).
    • Encourage your classmates to make a gift to the business school in honor of reunion and/or your class.
    • Provide input and feedback on programming.

How do I become a Class Ambassador and what are the terms of service?

  • Class Ambassadors, one from each program in a graduating class, will be selected by their classmates in April/May.
  • Class Ambassadors serve a three-year term, which commences on July 1 (in alignment with the alumni association board’s operating year).
  • Class Ambassadors may, upon completing their third year, renew for an additional three-year term if so desired, and if such re-appointment is approved by the alumni association board.
  • In the case of vacancies due to expiration of term or resignation, the committee will issue a request for self-nominations from the class year and program for which the vacancy exists. The committee will review the nominations and select the Class Ambassador.