Host Company Responsibilities

1. Submit an Application and Prepare a Draft Request for Proposal (RFP)

To host an ALP team, complete and submit the application form attached to this document. A written draft RFP should be attached to the application. Your RFP should describe the business process or problem to be examined, contain a set of objectives for the ALP team, and define the support and resources that your company will provide.

Deadline:  Applications for 2014 ALP projects will be accepted by the Jones School beginning October 1, 2013 through the final deadline of November 12, 2013. Applications will be processed as they are received, and timely applications that meet the program’s objectives will receive priority. It will be to your company’s advantage to submit your package as early within the given time frame as possible.

Submit an Application (Deadline: November 12, 2013)

2. Submit a Finalized RFP

The Action Learning Project administration and faculty review each company’s draft request for proposal. Should it be required, this team will work with you to further develop and refine your final RFP. Please note, students will use these summaries as a major source of information on which to base their decisions about which project to choose. They will also gather information from your company liaison during the ALP Company Day at the Jones School on January 15, 2014.

Prior to their arrival at your project site, students are required to conduct library research on their chosen companies and their industries. To facilitate this research, we request that you provide two sets of information about your company such as financial reports, product brochures, industry information, and business periodicals.

Deadline:  Your final RFP is due on or before January 1, 2014.

3. Appoint a Liaison

Host companies must appoint a primary liaison for their ALP team. We anticipate that demands on the liaison’s time may be significant during the project. The liaison will interact with students on a regular basis, in many cases daily, and will facilitate access to the company’s resources and information. Your liaison will also need to communicate frequently with the ALP project administration and faculty to discuss planning details and project status. Your company is encouraged to appoint an alternate liaison in the event that your primary liaison becomes unavailable during the project.

4. Send Your Liaison to Company Day at Rice

Company liaisons are required to attend Company Day in conjunction with the ALP program on January 15, 2014 at Rice University. Company Day, held prior to bidding on projects, offers students an opportunity to meet company liaisons and ask questions. It also enables your liaison to meet the faculty, share information with other companies, and gather additional important information about the program.

5. Allow Students Access to Relevant Information and Personnel

In order to conduct their Action Learning Projects, student teams must have access to relevant information and personnel. They may find it necessary to analyze financial information, interview employees, and observe business transactions to better understand your company and the specific project that is being analyzed.

6. Provide Students with Workspace, Resources, and Support as Needed

To facilitate the students’ on-site project analysis, host companies must provide appropriate workspace, computers, telephones, copying, and other needed equipment.

The Action Learning Project administration does not ordinarily accept applications from companies that do not provide workspace for students.

7. Reimburse Student Expenses

While your company does not pay a fee for the consulting services it gains through a Rice Action Learning Project, the Jones School requires that students be reimbursed for all reasonable expenses. These may include airfares and/or vehicle mileage, out-of-town accommodations and meals, telephone and fax charges, printing of documents and final reports, and other project-related expenses. Because students typically work with tight personal budgets, the company should discuss and negotiate any specific expense reimbursement policies and procedures with them at the beginning of the project.

8. Required Final Presentation

The final presentation to company management will occur on May 12-14, 2014 soon after the on-campus presentation to the faculty (May 7-9, 2014).

While host companies don’t have a formal role in the grading process for ALP projects, your liaison’s feedback after the final presentation is important to the faculty’s evaluation of the students’ achievement.

All final presentations to company management must occur between May 12 through May 14.