Tuition for the 2016-2017 MAcc program is $49,500 and is billed half in fall and half in spring. An enrollment deposit of $500 is due upon acceptance and will be applied to your first semester bill. 

Students who have not completed the accounting prerequisite courses BUSI 405-Issues in Financial Reporting I and/or BUSI 440-Auditing have the option to take one or both courses in the summer preceding their matriculation in the fall. The tuition cost of each course is $3,000. Students will be financially responsible for providing their own room and board.

Financing Your Degree

Students generally use a combination of the following resources to cover the cost:

  • Personal resources
  • Jones School Admissions Scholarship
  • Student Loans: our system begins processing on May 23 for the coming academic year
  • Semester Payment Plan

To assist you with creating your plan for financing your degree, please reference the Estimated Cost of Attendance document. 

International students are required to demonstrate sufficient funding to cover the cost of the MAcc program in order to obtain a student visa. This process begins with completion of the International Financial Declaration Form for Master of Accounting (MAcc) Students. Learn more about funding options for international students. 

Billing and Payment Arrangement Deadlines

  • Fall: Billing begins the first week of July with a payment deadline of August 10
  • Spring: Billing begins the first week of December with a payment deadline of January 10