Leveraging a top-notch non-accounting undergraduate education with accounting technical expertise is a hallmark of the Rice MAcc. We have MAcc students with undergraduate degrees in areas as diverse as Economics, Engineering, English, Finance, Music Performance, Psychology, Sociology, and Sport Management! All Rice undergraduate majors, and non-accounting undergraduate majors from other universities, can be a good fit for the MAcc. (Please note: due to the design of the Rice MAcc, candidates with a bachelor’s degree in accounting are not eligible for admission.)

How can my non-accounting undergrad background be an advantage in professional accounting?

  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Ability to synthesize across disciplinary areas
  • Comprehension of complex ideas
  • Exemplary oral and written communication skills
  • A global perspective
  • Foreign language skills
  • An ethical mindset
  • Study issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, such as:
    • Can agency theory in economics help explain why accounting standards are conservative?
    • How has the political economy of standard setting shaped the evolution of the accounting for stock options and long-term leases?
    • Can psychological theories help explain budget negotiations and suboptimal decisions? 

What academic background is needed to join the MAcc?

Some undergraduate coursework in business-related disciplines, such as: Statistics, Economics, Management, Marketing, Finance, Information Systems

Paths to qualifying for MAcc

  • Business minor
  • Econ major
  • Managerial studies major
  • Many other courses, just ask us