REEP MBA for School Leaders Interview Process and Selection Criteria

REEP Classroom

Interview Process

If you are selected for the interview process, you could have at least three interviews: one with a representative from the REEP admissions team, one with a representative from the MBA for Professionals admissions team, and one REEP group panel interview. Our primary form of contact with applicants is through e-mail, so it is important that e-mail addresses are updated and checked regularly.

Selection Criteria

The REEP selection process is holistic and takes into account several factors as evidenced by both the application and the in-person interview.

We recruit candidates who have demonstrated a history of superlative academic aptitude, through your 4-year undergraduate degree, GPAs, and test scores.

Your leadership potential is assessed by your management experience, both on the job and through extracurricular activities. Your resume, evaluations from employers and/or professors, and your essay responses should indicate your level of leadership skill.

Your personal goals, work experience, and reasons for choosing the Jones Graduate School of Business are critical elements of your application, and should illustrate intangible factors, such as: Why are you pursuing an MBA? How have you benefited from your academic, professional and personal opportunities? What qualities will you bring to the Jones Graduate School of Business, and what will you seek from us?