Program Cost

Students must secure loans and/or grants to finance the tuition for the REEP MBA for Professionals program during the course of the two-year program. Upon graduation and completion of the REEP program, REEP MBA students may apply for tuition reimbursement if they meet the program eligibility requirements. 


The tuition reimbursement program was created to allow talented educators the opportunity to afford a rigorous MBA degree and Education Entrepreneurship Certificate from a world-class Graduate Business School. Actual tuition reimbursement amounts will vary based on the competitiveness of the application process and may range from 75% - 80% of the tuition cost. These amounts will be announced upon acceptance to the program. REEP will not reimburse any additional expenses related to financing the cost of tuition.

The Education Entrepreneurship Certificate and practicum is provided at no additional cost to the REEP MBA student and is valued in excess of $27,500.  Students will be eligible and must apply for the Texas Principal Certification (if not already certified) at no additional cost.  Receipt of the Texas Principal Certification is a requirement to graduate from the REEP MBA program and to be eligible for the tuition reimbursement program. 

Funding for the tuition reimbursement program comes from the Houston Endowment, Inc. Jesse and Mary Jones established the Houston Endowment in 1937 to improve life for the people of the greater Houston area.

REEP MBA requires a $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance into the program and serves as a guarantee of enrollment in the year for which you are accepted. Failure to enroll in that year results in forfeiture of the deposit and will require reapplication.