When does the Business Fellowship Program start?
REEP will host a mandatory Business Fellowship Orientation for the new students Monday, January 11, 2016 in the Jones Graduate School of Business.

What is the schedule for the Business Fellowship Program? 
The Fellowship Program is 12 months long. Classes are held on Thursday evenings, all day Fridays and all day Saturdays once per month. Participants are required to attend an intensive REEP Summer Institute July 11-22, 2016 from 7:30am - 5:00pm.

Can I work in Houston area public school or charter school while in the Business Fellowship Program?Actually, you must be employed in a Houston-area public school or charter school, either as a teacher or administrator, in order to participate in the REEP program.

Can I work in a district-level position and be in the program? 
REEP is a leadership development program for educators who are interested in running school campuses. Applicants who are currently working in schools will receive preferential consideration in the admissions process. Applicants who are currently working on school districts or any other positions that are not based on a school campus will be considered on a case by case basis.

When do I qualify for a provisional principal certification? 
Upon completion of the Spring Business Fellowship, students who are successfully tracking towards completion will be eligible for a provisional principal certificate.

I already have a Principal Certificate. Is REEP the right program for me? 
Yes. REEP is focused on leadership development, business training and education reform. The approach to the training and the cohort will provide you with the skills and networks you need to be an effective school leader. By the end of the REEP Program, graduates are ready to run schools like CEOs.

I don’t have a Principal Certificate. Is this an issue? 
No problem. REEP is an approved Alternative Certificate Provider by TEA/SBEC. Our curriculum covers the domains and competencies covered in the TExES test. All participants of the REEP program are required to take the Principal Certification Test as a part of the program if not currently certified.

Is federal financial aid available for REEP certificate courses?
Although Rice University does participate in federal financial aid, the REEP Business Fellowship is not eligible.