Business FellowshipThe REEP Business Fellowship for School Leaders Program applicants will be evaluated by the REEP Admissions Team. Once the application is fully completed (with all the required documentation such as official transcripts for master’s and bachelor’s degrees), admissions team will process the information and may schedule select candidates for in-person interviews.

Please remember to send all your supporting documents before the deadlines. We do not accept documents after the deadlines. REEP will not review incomplete applications. An application is considered complete once we have received all five items listed in the application checklist. It is the candidate’s responsibility to follow up with REEP and ensure that the school transcripts and letters of recommendation were received in a timely manner.

The decision letters are sent to the address listed on your application. It is very important to contact your admissions representative if you have moved since you submitted your application and have an address change or new phone number.

Applying to the Program

Interview Process and Selection Criteria