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Christian Mealey

Christian Mealey

Started in 2012

McNair Hall, Room 403

Christian Mealey is a business strategy PhD student in the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. His research interests are in innovation and entrepreneurship, and more specifically in how the firm emerges and grows in dynamic and uncertain environments. He has substantial professional experience in sales management working for both small and large firms in the financial services and technology markets, and as an entrepreneur and investor in numerous ventures in real estate, supply chain and financial services (and he notes that he learned much more from those experiences than he profited from them). Those experiences, combined with time he spent working and living with the Native Americans of the Navajo Nation and studying new ventures in emerging markets laid the foundation for Christian's interests in strategy for firms entering and operating in situations of change and uncertainty. Christian received both his MBA and B.S. in Economics from Brigham Young University. 
Research Area
Strategic Management
Area of Interest