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Marc Epstein

Marc Epstein

Distinguished Research Professor of Management

McNair Hall, Room 333

Marc J. Epstein is Distinguished Research Professor of Management at Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Prior to joining Rice, Dr. Epstein was a professor at Stanford Business School, Harvard Business School, and INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration). In both academic research and managerial practice, Dr. Epstein is considered one of the global leaders in the areas of innovation, sustainability, governance, performance measurement and accountability in both corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Dr. Epstein has extensive academic research and practical experience in the implementation of corporate strategies and the development of performance metrics for use in these implementations. In many recent articles and books Epstein shows how the use of new strategic management systems can help organizations focus strategy, link to performance metrics, and drive improved performance in organizations. In a recent book, Making Innovation Work: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Profit from It, he applies these approaches to driving increased innovation in large organizations and developing appropriate measures of success.  In June 2014 his second book on innovation focused on breakthroughs, The Innovation Paradox: Why Good Businesses Kill Breakthroughs and How They Can Change, will be released.

     He is also currently working extensively in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America on innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges and measuring and managing the social impacts of corporations, NGOs, and foundations. Each year he takes all of his MBA students to Africa as part of his course “Commercializing Technology in Developing Countries.” In 2011, his book Joining a Nonprofit Board: What You Need to Know was published. In 2013, his book Pharmacy on a Bicycle: Innovative Solutions for Global Health and Poverty was released. And in February 2014 his new book based on extensive field research throughout the world, Measuring and Improving Social Impacts: A Guide for Nonprofits, Companies, and Impact Investors, will be published.

In 2014, the second edition of his highly acclaimed book Making Sustainability Work: Best Practices in Managing and Measuring Corporate Social, Environmental, and Economic Impacts, was published to provide guidance to managers and academics on the implementation of corporate social responsibility. He has also written extensively on corporate and non profit board governance, the role of boards of directors, organizational trust, the business case for sustainability, and corporate accountability.

He is the author of twenty books and well over 200 professional papers that have won numerous top academic, professional, and business awards. He also is Editor-in-Chief of a top academic journal. Dr. Epstein also provides seminars, executive courses, consulting, and lectures to senior managerial audiences throughout the world.