Karl Suttie-Kadish

MBA for Professionals Class of 2014 – Evening

With my managers and mentors encouraging me to pursue an MBA at this time, I needed to research Houston-based business schools quickly. I focused on the most prestigious and flexible schools that could accommodate my working schedule. Rice’s MBA for Professionals program offered a wide selection of electives which was a unique feature in this city. Coupled with the best professors and faculty that were industry leaders in their respective fields, this Rice MBA program quickly rose to the top of my list.

Rice's amazing campus and excellent facilities really sealed the deal though. Even beyond that, the staff members are all top-notch and are always here to talk about the programs or offer an enjoyable conversation. Furthermore, it was great to know I could watch an athletic game or participate in a variety of on-campus activities if I desired. Just having access to all that this amazing university has to offer was my main reason to apply to this Rice MBA program

One last item I liked was that Rice not only focused on the education and logistics of being in business school, but there is a tremendous focus on the social side as well. The school understands the power of networking and helping students find a social balance to the hectic lifestyles of a working professional who is also taking on this rigorous program. The many social and business events offer a great way to network, establish an entirely new group of contacts, unwind after a busy work and school week or simply to come together to celebrate another successful semester.

If I could give you prospective students just one piece of advice as you go through this admissions process, it would be this. Take advantage of the extra-curricular activities that Rice offers. The Jones School brings in many excellent speakers and companies and offers great networking opportunities through their various social events. Although we all live busy lifestyles and it can be tough at times with the work/school balance, the social events can help take the edge off and allow you to enhance and really embrace the entire MBA experience.