Patrick Leong

MBA for Professionals Class of 2014 – Evening

Software Architect, Entrance Software

As I start my second year, I am surprised by the close relationships I have formed with my classmates in a relatively short amount of time. We are all so supportive of one another, and I feel like my classmates are lifelong friends. Without these great peers, it’s hard to imagine what my first year of this challenging MBA program would have been like.

The amount of knowledge packed into that first year was amazing — everything from all of the textbook learning to the lectures and projects —all contributed to me having a different approach to not only my professional endeavors but personal as well. The creative thinking has allowed me to look at my profession and industry (energy and consulting) in a whole new light as I feel able to find relevance between my Rice MBA experience and the real-world experiences that occur all around me.

If I had to offer the prospective students out there one piece of advice, here it is: The Rice MBA is so much more than just checking the box that you have your MBA. So come with the mindset of accepting this academic challenge and of pushing yourself to grow in areas that are outside of your comfort zone. Surround yourself with the best talent and then be curious and ready to learn from others.