Donald Anderson

Rice MBA for Executives Class of 2013

It has been about six months since my graduation from the Rice MBA for Executives program back in May 2013 but it seems like just yesterday that I was in your position of evaluating not only my career but the direction of my career. The Rice MBA for Executives program appealed to me because I had reached a point in my career where two things became quite evident:

1) I needed to gain additional business knowledge
2) I needed to increase my professional network with decision makers.

Those two things were key differentiators for me in deciding to pursue this executive MBA program. I chose Rice University because of its local presence and full-campus offerings and because of the visible success of the Rice MBA alumni throughout the energy industry.

If I had a piece of advice for you as a prospective student, it would be that the Rice MBA experience is life changing. With that positive and life changing transformation comes a lot of hard work for both you and your family.

Be prepared. Make sure you include your family in the decision-making process. And take advantage of the many family events that the school provides while you are going through the program. Everything from the Significant Others Club to the Fall Family Outdoor Festival to the Homecoming Event to the Family Tailgate Football parties-- all of these events are not just for you but to ensure that you include your family in the Rice MBA experience.