Christopher Doyle

Rice MBA for Executives Class of 2015

Prospective students, friends and colleagues ask me quite often why I would want to take on an Executive MBA program. This question had always been one of the most difficult to answer because ultimately, the decision to pursue an MBA was a combination of so many reasons. In the end, I wanted to invest in my career, strengthen my professional and academic credentials, and diversify my business knowledge. That being said, I chose Rice based on the excellent academic reputation, the on-campus experience which is second to none, and the flexibility of taking elective courses in my second year. I grew up in Houston, and to me, Rice has always been the flagship academic institution in Texas. The brand recognition doesn’t get any better than Rice University. After visiting campus and class sessions here at the Jones Graduate School of Business (and a few other schools), I simply felt comfortable with the facilities and faculty at Rice. The ability to choose elective courses to tailor make my MBA during my second year was an added bonus to allow me to focus my studies on what would benefit my particular career path.

If I had two pieces of advice to give to prospective EMBA students, it would be this: 1) Take full advantage of the richness of the Rice University alumni network. I wanted to make sure that the networking opportunities (ability to reach out and connect with other students and alumni) in my MBA experience are so impactful in this very concentrated alumni population which is a contrast to my large, undergraduate alumni experience. Take into consideration the impact of the alumni network not just while you’re in the MBA program but for a lifetime of years to come. 2) Make sure you treat this MBA endeavor as an experience and NOT just a means to an end. The Rice Executive MBA program is so much more than a degree- the collaborative classroom experience, caliber of fellow classmates, and committed faculty all contribute to a life changing learning experience.