External Speaker Series

Date   Speaker    Title
February 27, 2015   Brayden King   Halo Effects and Halo Taxes: The Limitations of Status and Reputation
March 5, 2015   Gouli Chen   That Could Have Been Me: CEO Relational Identification, Mortality Salience, and Reprioritization Following Director Deaths
April 3, 2015   Feng Zhu    
    Past Speakers    
December 5, 2014
  Professor Scott Graffin
University of Georgia  
  Ready, AIM, Acquire: Impression Offsetting and Acquisitions
November 21, 2014
  Professor Steven Boivie
Texas A&M University
  Come Aboard! Directoships as Certifications in the Executive Labor Market
November 7, 2014   Professor Chuck Eesley
Stanford University
  Visions, Entrepreneurial Adaptation and Social Networks: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on a MOOC Platform  
October 3, 2014   Professor Tim Werner
University of Texas
  Blacklisted Benefactors: The Political Contestation of Non-Market Strategy
April 18, 2014

  Professor Marta Geletancz
Boston University
March 14, 2014

  Professor Jeffrey Reuer
Purdue University
  Mechanisms of Hybrid Governance: Administrative Committees in Non-Equity Alliances
March 5-7, 2014

  Professor Igor Filotachev
City University of London
  The Impact of Investment Networks on Venture Capital Firm Performance: A Contingency Framework
January 31, 2014

  Professor Laszlo Tihanyi
Texas A&M University