Rice Cube Club


The Rice Cube Club exists to provide all individuals associated with the Rice community with a supportive and fun environment for solving the Rubik’s Cube and other twisty puzzles. No experience required to join!

Think you can't do it? The following MBA candidates went from novice to expert just last year: Derek Ballek, Liisa Price, John Henry Trechard, David Allison, Courtney Gordon, Brian Hagstrom, Doug Crouch, Cyrus Aghili, and Corban Bates.

Join us on Thursday afternoons at Willy's Pub before PARTIO to become a cubing master!

Officers 2014-2015

Cory Thigpen
Corban Bates

Nelson Mandela Mosaic

In February 2014, we constructed a 600 cube mosaic of Nelson Mandela in Honor of Black History Month. Click here for a link to our article in the Houston Chronicle.

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