Room 308 Smart Board

To Save CB-20 Smart Board JPEG Images:


To USB – 

  • Plug in USB to designated port and press save button. The board will scan what has been written and will be saved to USB drive as CBImage.jpeg

To Laptop – 

  • Connect laptop to the Smart board using the USB adapter. The software will download itself to the laptop and will be located in a new drive; the same as an external hard drive or thumb drive.
  • To save JPEG to the new drive simply press the save button and the board will scan itself, saving the image as CBImage.JPEG.
  • When saving multiple images and wanting to avoid having the previously saved image overwritten, since the board saves all files to CBImage.JPEG, rename the file immediately.
  • Highlight the file, right click the file, click on “rename”, and type in the newly desired file name.