Gabriela Pinho

MBA for Professionals Class of 2014 – Evening

B.S., Economic Science, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Planning, Performance, and Business Development Analyst II, Petrobras

I have been working at Petrobras, an integrated oil and gas company, for the past five years. Prior to that, I worked for the Consulate General of Brazil here in Houston.

The workload is really intense during the Immersion. However, after enduring the Immersion, I knew that I could push way past my previous, ordinary standards and I am able to go above and beyond an ordinary day’s work and still dedicate myself to school. Also, I learned how to prioritize my time better in order to accomplish all my tasks.

One of the best aspects of Immersion is that it truly pushed me beyond my limits, building endurance and determination. My team is very diverse and Immersion helped to bring us closer together. The schedule was grueling – the typical day included class during the day, team meetings in the evening, and studying independently for the next day’s classes. It was tough because during Immersion you do not have time for anything outside of school, but as I am almost finished with my first year I believe the unique experience of Immersion is necessary to mentally dedicate yourself to the program and set the standards for the next two years. But the biggest surprise for me during this first year is that despite the heavy workload and variety of commitments, my classmates and teammates have become my second family. Socially, I am having so much fun and there is much more time for this aspect than I expected.

Jones School combines student from different qualifications, backgrounds and experiences that together breed a more creative, innovative, and valuable MBA program. Additionally, the program offers multiple areas of specialization, helping to unlock the potential of the students and to shape future leaders to a more complex perspective of the business world. I am looking forward to choosing my elective classes for next year.