Daniel Wetzel

MBA for Professionals Class of 2014 – Evening

BS, Agricultural Economics, Texas A&M University
Operations Specialist, BP Wind Energy

A long-standing goal of mine was the challenge of attending one of the top business schools in the nation. Being a potential fully-employed student, I had considered a few of the part-time MBA programs here in Houston. I really wanted a local campus where I could be involved in not only my education but the student life and activities.

During the search process, I attended an admissions information session titled “Diversity and the Rice MBA: Going Beyond The Classroom Walls”. The session began with a brief presentation by the admissions office about the admissions process and then introduced the student and alumni panel. Their compelling discussion covered diversity inside and outside the classroom. The panelists all had different degrees from schools all across the world. They also had varied career paths and current jobs. But they were all pursuing (or had earned) the same MBA degree. They talked about the elevated level of discussion in the classroom that came from bringing together such a diverse group of professionals.

For them, these discussions were the key to the Rice MBA learning experience. I had the chance to talk with the students and alumni at this event and hearing their experiences was a huge selling point for the program. After attending this session, I was sold on the Rice MBA. It was clearly apparent that Rice offered something the other local schools did not – a rigorous curriculum and an intellectually rigorous community. I put my MBA search on hold and focused on applying and getting accepted into Rice.

As I make my way through my first semester in this Rice MBA program, I am surprised about the amount of knowledge that I’m picking up through not only my classes but the interactions with my classmates that I have been able to directly apply to my job the very next day. The return on investment for my Rice MBA is already paying off. I’m able to approach my job differently every single day due to something I’ve learned in this program.

For those of you who are considering the Rice MBA, my piece of advice to you would be to participate in one of these campus information sessions or come for a class visit. You really need to see and experience first-had the typical “day in the life” of a Rice MBA student. You will be changed.