Rolando Lara

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2014

Even though I always had in mind that an MBA was one of my next steps in my educational road, it wasn’t until my previous position that I realized which kind of program was the best for me. As a P&A Manager in the food service industry back in Mexico, I realized that I was not the only person facing the situations and challenges that I was working through. Talking to friends, family, and peers, I realized that top managers needed a highly developed set of skills based on communication skills and a complete understanding of the company as a whole. I knew the best way to hone those skills was through a full time MBA program that could complement and enhance my Industrial Engineering background, be consistent with my ethics, and somewhere I could feel at “home.” I found that program in Rice.

After asking peers and investigating online to discover more details about the different international programs I found Rice as one of many options. But it was not until seeing the advertisement on Facebook and meeting the admissions team that I felt really interested in this school. There was something about them that engaged me. I immediately noticed the respect and friendships between staff, students, and alums.

When I came to visit campus during Diversity Preview Weekend, I had the chance to attend a workshop with Professor Balaji Koka, tour the facilities, and talk to first year students. In just one weekend I got to know Rice enough to realize that was the place I wanted to be for the next two years. I believe that the learning experience is not only in the classroom, but also in the alumni meetings, intercultural events, and even with the staff. Rice offers the perfect setting for us to have the most complete experience while transitioning to our desired position in any industry.

A complete curriculum, an excellent faculty and CMC, and a welcoming atmosphere made Rice my choice. It is a place where I can be certain that I will be able to learn and develop the skills necessary to succeed; a place where I can make long lasting relationships with people from all over the world; and especially a place where I know that I have a whole team helping me to succeed wherever my road map points me to go. I know that Rice has my back.