Beer Club


As members of the Jones Graduate School of Business and the Rice community we are advocates for networking opportunities, as well as building lasting relationships with our fellow peers. Beer has long been a source of collegiate networking and relationship development and has strong ties to Rice University traditions. Our goal is to educate our fellow students in the wide varieties of beer styles, and to learn about the beer industry as a whole. We will fulfill our goals by holding various beer tasting events, and by having breweries and distribution companies sponsor these events.

The purpose of this organization is to:

  •  To expand our business network with other students and alumni
  To build relationships with the local, national, and international breweries and distributors with the Jones School.
  To expand our knowledge of different styles and types of beer (expand our palette)
  To teach about the brewing process and what makes up beer
  To learn about the beer industry
  To strengthen comradery among our fellow students
  To bridge the gap between the Full-Time MBA and MBA for Professionals programs

For more information, please contact the Beer Club President, Tyler White at


Tyler White
Sean Jump
VP of Operations
Matthew Lewis
Kira Gustafson
VP of Communications

Claire Coleman
VP of MBAP Relations
Brenden Garrett
Full Time Liason 


Beer Club events for the 2013-2014 school year include:

Trip To Local Brewery   Tentatively scheduled to Buffalo Bayou
Guest Speakers   From local breweries
Home Brew Sessions   Learn how to brew for yourself
Happy Hours   To be scheduled on and off campus

Spring Events will be announced after the New Year.


Beer Education & Hot Spots

  •  Beer Styles (Ales & Lagers)
  •  How to Review a Beer
  How to Brew Beer
  Beer Industry News
  Texas Breweries
  Local Beer Bars