Gabriel Guzman

Rice MBA for Professionals Class of 2013 – Weekend Schedule

Before the Rice MBA:
I work for CEMEX, the world’s third largest cement producer. I began my career as a process engineer at our plants in Brooksville, Demopolis, and Odessa. I have since moved to the corporate office as an operations manager. I am in charge of managing the operation and capital budget for our 13 cement plants in the US.

On Immersion, a rigorous preview of Rice MBA life:
It was intense, but very rewarding. I was worried about the amount of work that we were going to be required to put in. However, if you take the time to read the assignments and prepare before Immersion starts, the workload is very manageable. I enjoyed being back in a classroom setting and sharing experiences with many talented and experienced individuals.

I was also pleasantly surprised with how much I learned in that week, and how much of it I was able to apply right away to my daily work responsibilities.

The Value of the Rice MBA to me is…
… The knowledge and skills I will gain to become a better business manager and the networking opportunities offered by Rice.