Erin Cassidy

Rice MBA for Professionals Class of 2013 – Evening Schedule

About Me
For the past three years I have worked for Nexus Health Systems, a Houston-based healthcare company specializing in post-acute care for medically complex patients. I started in sales, but quickly made the transition to operations as my career goal is focused on hospital administration. I am currently the Assistant Administrator of Nexus Specialty Hospital in The Woodlands, Texas. I oversee day-to-day operations and all support services and also participate in the annual budget and strategic planning process.

Choosing the Rice MBA
I knew I wanted an MBA program with a specialization in healthcare. With the proximity to the Texas Medical Center, reputation of academic excellence, and healthcare specialization track, the Rice MBA was a clear choice for me.

On Immersion, a rigorous preview of Rice MBA life
Immersion was definitely a unique experience. The best part was that I had an entire week without work to focus on my MBA experience. Getting back into the classroom and writing papers was enough of an adjustment and the opportunity to clearly focus my attention on school made the transition much easier. Immersion also set the stage for the dedication that is required to fully commit the program, especially when you are working full-time.

On the Value of the Rice MBA
The Value of the Rice MBA to me is the opportunity to grow exponentially in all areas of my life, inside and outside of work. Not only have I already grown professionally from this experience, I have also learned a lot about myself and made some great friends along the way.