Bill Robertson

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2013

Before the Rice MBA:
I spent seven years working for an oilfield services company in various software engineering roles. I held technical and managerial positions while there, and I had many great experiences. Moreover, I gained confidence through my projects that I could pursue my goal of starting my own company. Yet, I also knew that I needed to broaden my skill set to succeed as an entrepreneur, and as a result I decided to pursue my MBA.

Choosing the Jones Graduate School of Business:
Initially I did not consider returning to Rice. I was looking forward to leaving Houston and exploring a different city. But I also didn't know too much about the program. My wife graduated from the Jones School Full Time MBA in 2011, and through her I became more exposed to the opportunities available to Rice MBA students. I had no idea that there were so many resources available within the school and the Houston area that could help me achieve my goals. I also visited other MBA programs and did not see a marked difference in the value that I would receive.