Anca Loghin

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2013

About Me:
Prior to joining the Rice MBA program, I spent 5 years at J.P. Morgan in Houston. I advised mid-cap clients across various industries in structuring and executing debt-capital market transactions. Some of my previous engagements include: acquisition financings, leveraged buyouts, dividend recapitalizations and other shareholder-enhancement projects.

Choosing the Jones Graduate School of Business:
In addition to the Rice MBA program, I considered several international (London Business School, IESE, SDA Bocconi) and domestic (Kellogg, Columbia) programs. While I did look at several other schools, I chose Rice for its remarkable faculty, small classes, and intimate learning environment. I started my MBA search about two years prior to applying, so I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the Rice admissions team as well as with students and professors. I was really drawn to the warm family feeling that I got when I was on campus. I did not truly understand what people meant when they said “you have to find the MBA program that’s right for you” until I came to Rice. It felt like home!

On Immersion, a rigorous preview of Rice MBA life:
Immersion is an academically intense yet fun first two weeks of the Rice MBA program. Full of case studies, accounting reviews and planned activities, Immersion gave us a taste for how the first semester would be. Not only did we learn useful concepts for our first term classes, but also it helped improve our time management skills while giving us a chance to get to know our classmates and especially our teams prior to the “official” start of classes. Most importantly, Immersion got me in the “back to school “mindset and set the tone for the first term.

On your team experience:
I was surprised by how diverse my firm semester team was. We came from a variety of professional backgrounds (engineering, education, marketing, finance, and accounting) and had very different personalities. Some of us had lived overseas for extended periods of time, some of us had been in the Peace Corp, and some of us had tremendous work experience. The team was well balanced and it gave each of us an opportunity to contribute our skills and knowledge to team projects throughout the first semester.

The Value of the Rice MBA to me is…
…In the relationships that I will build with my classmates, professors and business leaders in the Houston community. I believe that in addition to providing me with the necessary skills to become an innovative, globally-focused thought leader, Rice is giving me an opportunity to build a professional network that is truly outstanding.