Check Request - Request a reimbursement for non-travel/business related expenses or pay a vendor when no invoice is provided for goods and services. May also be used to request an honorarium for Rice Faculty, Students and Staff.
Hotel Occupancy Exemption - Certify Rice's state hotel occupancy tax exemption. This form should be provided to hotels and motels when traveling within the state of Texas on behalf of Rice University.
Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) - This form is used to charge internal sales of goods and services between departments at Rice University. This form should not be used to make corrections to already completed transactions.
Missing Receipt Affidavit - If an original detailed receipt is not available for a general purchase, purchasing card charge of any amount, submit a completed and signed missing receipt affidavit. If an original detailed receipt is not available for a TV Envelope charge, equal to or greater than $75, submit a completed and signed missing receipt affidavit. A missing receipt should accompany a reimbursement request when no receipt is available.
Purchasing Card Application - To be completed by employees requesting a Rice University Purchasing Card.
Relocation Expense Form - Rice - Request reimbursement for moving expenses incurred by faculty. prior approval must be given by JGSB Administration or department director. Please submit one relocation expense form per faculty/staff member. (Excel version)
Security Agreement - Request access to Rice University's administrative information systems including the SCT Banner Financial, Human Resources, Payroll, Student, and Financial Aid systems.
Sole Source Justification - University purchasers should solicit bids for goods and services whenever it is to the benefit of the University to do so. The bidding process is used to ensure that Rice receives quality goods and services at the best price and delivery terms possible. A minimum of three documented bids or justification for sole sourcing is required for all purchases totaling $25,000 or more. Specific sponsored contracts/grants may require bids or justification for sole sourcing for lesser purchase amounts.
Tax Exemption Certificate - Sent to vendors to certify Rice’s exemption from state sales tax.  May also be used in store when purchasing goods on behalf of Rice.
W-9 (Rice) - May be requested by outside parties wishing to make a payment to Rice.