Paying your bills at JGS


  1. A vendor submits an invoice for their goods or services. 

  2. The invoice is checked for accuracy and approved by a representative from the paying department by writing “okay to pay” directly on the invoice along with the representative’s initials and the current date.  The Fund Code, Orgn Code and Account Code where the invoice is to be charged should also be written directly on the invoice. 

  3. If the vendor is setup as a Marketplace vendor, the invoice should be entered into Marketplace then submitted to the Office of Financial Services (OFS). If the vendor is not set up in Marketplace, forward the invoice to OFS. 

  4. The original invoice (not a copy) is forwarded to the The Office Of Financial Services (Room 305).

    Financial Services checks the invoice for accuracy and University compliance then authorizes it for payment.  The original invoice is sent to Payment Solutions.

    A copy of the invoice is kept on site at JGSB for record keeping purposes.

  5. Vendor payments are made by the Disbursements Office.

    If the invoice is $5000.00 or above, a purchase order is required for payment. In addition to a purchase order, invoices for professional services (71970) also require a Professional Services Agreement. A professional service agreement may be obtained on the "FORMS" page of this website. Purchase Orders may be obtained in The Office Of Financial Services (room 305).