3rd Annual Strategy Symposium on Emerging Markets

We are pleased to announce the Third Annual Strategy Symposium on Emerging Markets hosted by the Strategy and Environment (SE) Group at the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. The aim of this symposium is to have active scholars from different schools share their research on some critical strategy issues related to emerging markets. We hope this symposium will advance strategy research in this important area.

There is no fee to attend this symposium however, registration is required and limited to 45 attendees. Please only register after ensuring your ability to attend.

Thursday, April 26, 2012 (2:00- 5: 00pm)
Friday, April 27, 2012 (8:00 am – 4:30 pm including on-site luncheon)

Room 212, McNair Hall, Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University

To Register, contact Morag Everill

Acrobat Icon    Click Here to Download Symposium Program 

If you have any particular question, pls contact Prof. Haiyang Li (haiyang@rice.edu) or Prof. Prashant Kale (kale@rice.edu).

Confirmed Speakers: 

Rodrigo Canales
  Prithwiraj Choudhury
  Catherine S. M. Duggan
  Michael A. Hitt
(Texas A&M)
Prashant Kale
  Arie Y. Lewin
  Haiyang Li
  Marjorie A. Lyles
Tony Tong
(Colorado at Boulder)
  Yanbo Wang

Papers: (all papers are password protected, you will receive the password after you have registered)

Acrobat Icon     Categorical Coherence or Sequential Consistency: Breach of Contract in SME Financing    Canales  
Acrobat Icon     Firms as Catalyst of Within Country Migration    Choudhury 
Acrobat Icon    Credit and Coercion: Indirect Regulation and the Institutional Foundations of Lending Markets 
Acrobat Icon    Doing Bad by Doing Good? Theft and Abuse by Lenders in Inadequately-Regulated Microfinance Markets    Duggan 
Acrobat Icon      Institutions and International Strategy: Effects of Institutional Polycentricity on Firm Strategies and Outcomes    Hitt 
Acrobat Icon     Business Groups in Developing Capital Markets: Towards Extinction or Evolution?   Kale
Acrobat Icon    Bridging Different Worlds or Stuck in the Middle? The Role of Internationalization in the Product Innovation of Emerging Market Firms    Li 
Acrobat Icon    The Compensatory Relationship Between Technology Relatedness, Social Interaction, and Knowledge Flow Between Firms    Lyles 
Acrobat Icon    Uncertainty, Patent Protection, and R&D Investment: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms    Tong 
Acrobat Icon       Does Fraud Pay in China? Evidences from a Unique Dataset    Wang 

The SE group at the Jones Graduate School of Business includes Bob Hoskisson, Prashant Kale, Balaji Koka, Haiyang Li, Gerry Sanders, Doug Schuler, Duane Windsor, and Yan Anthea Zhang. The group has a strong interest and active research projects ongoing in the context of emerging markets. For more information about the SE group at the Jones Graduate School of Business, please visit: http://business.rice.edu/About_Strategy_Environment.aspx.