Out for Business Club

Out for Business


As members of the Rice community, we believe that by working together we can fulfill our overall objective of increasing diversity by raising awareness of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community at the Jones School, Rice University, and Houston. We will fulfill our goals by sponsoring various networking events by partnering with gay and straight business leaders and professionals and taking part in various community activities.

The purpose of this organization shall be:
  1. to foster a general awareness of the LGBT community throughout the Jones, Rice, and the overall Houston community;
  2. to sponsor various networking events by partnering with companies and gay and straight alumni and business leaders to increase professional touch points for Jones and Rice students;
  3. to contribute to the Jones, Rice, and Houston community through community service;
  4. to make partnerships with various organizations in the Houston LGBT community to further expand opportunities for students to become involved and to further enlighten the Rice community on LGBT issues


Shruti Rai
Dan Trapp


 We will hold a series of education seminars and conference preps throughout the year.

The education seminars aim to:
  • help the LGBT students understand the current situation both regionally (pridehouston.org) and globally (amnestyusa.org)
  • identify career opportunities in the various industries
  • provide guidance and approaches to be out
The Conference Preps will prepare members for:
  • taking initiative, polishing resume, and following up with the contacts
  • volunteering at the conference
  • case writing competition (a first draft of completed case due by January 31, 2012; a final completed case submitted by March 30, 2012)
  • business plan competition