Brian Johnson “As educators, we can never know enough about building effective teams, coaching, interpersonal relationships, etc. The higher you get, the more important it is. The REEP classes were awesome and practical. One of the best aspects was the relationship building and networking opportunities.”

Brian Johnson, REEP Cohort 3/Class of 2012  
“I feel as though I’ve learned more about myself, education and leadership in cthe past few weeks than in the past few years! The REEP classes have opened my eyes to the importance of not only recognizing my talents but selling them as well.”

Shelene Livas, REEP Cohort 3/Class of 2012
 Shelene Livas
 Kaye Williams “The REEP program provided me the opportunity to be exposed to so many great minds. The diverse group of educators, business professionals, researchers and coaches come from all walks of life and offer many different perspectives on how to revolutionize the current school system.”

Kaye Williams, REEP Cohort 3/Class of 2012  
“REEP was the only program in Houston that offered me an opportunity to become a part of an innovative learning environment that connected education and business. The best part of the whole program is the caliber of my peers. REEP participants are interested in finding solutions to the urgent problems schools face now while making sure the future classes of students benefit from these changes, too.”

Angelica Vega, 
REEP Cohort 1/Class of 2010 
 Shelene Livas