Rice MBA for Professionals Admissions Events

Learning about the Rice MBA for Professionals program starts with immersing yourself in several of our Admissions events. These events are offered as a way for you to learn more about our programs, hear directly from our students, take a peek into our classrooms, catch a glimpse of student life, meet our world-class professors and most importantly, help determine where YOU fit into the Rice MBA.

The Admissions Team highly recommends that you participate in several Admissions events. This will not only help you better understand what we offer, but will also give you a hands-on look at the Rice MBA experience. All of this will provide you with special insight as you start to work on your Rice MBA for Professionals application.

On-Campus Information Sessions

On-Campus Information Sessions offer you the opportunity to visit with faculty, staff, current students, and alumni. On-campus sessions include a presentation and a reception, and will take place in McNair Hall, home of the Jones Graduate School of Business. This is a great way to see the campus and the building, and learn about the program in a large social setting.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015



Campus Information Sessions for Spring 2016 will be posted soon.

Houston and Domestic Events

We encourage you to come out to attend and event and meet our Admissions team and alumni representatives to ask questions and learn more about the program.


Discover Rice Series

Join the Rice MBA admissions staff for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and information about the fully-employed MBA program offerings at the Jones Graduate School of Business. Find out how the MBA for Professionals and MBA for Executives will work with your job and your life. Energy, entrepreneurship, and health care support a strong foundation of first year core business courses along with a second year of wide elective course offerings. Combining all of this with our academic rigor, world-class faculty, challenging classmates, and professional service offerings (like Career Management, Professional Development, Executive Coaching) make the Rice MBA the right investment in your future.

Come learn how to embark on the academic investment of a lifetime in the Number 1 city rated “Coolest City to Live” (Forbes).



Class Visits

Come walk in the shoes of a Rice MBA for Professionals student. Have you wondered how you could possibly work full time AND be a part of one of the best MBA programs at the same time? How do you balance work, personal and school lives? Has it been a while since you’ve been back in the classroom?

Join us for a class visit to get a hands-on peek at life as a Rice MBA for Professionals student. Read about the available classes and professors who will be leading the classes. Then register for the one that interests you the most.  We invite you to see the Rice MBA for Professionals program in action.

*** Please be considerate when signing up to attend a class since this is indeed a classroom setting.  Due to limited space in the classroom, you are only allowed to register for one Class Visit per school year.  There are a limited number of seats in the classroom for prospective students.  If you need to cancel, please allow at least 1 week.

Evening Core Class Options:

A typical evening class visit schedule will look like this:

5:30PM — Meet your Class Host on campus for dinner with Class of 2018
6:15PM — Class Begins
9:30PM — Optional Social Outing (only on Wednesdays)

Data Analysis: Professor Sharad Borle
The ever-increasing capacity of computers to analyze data, and the explosion of the amount of data available have resulted in an increased role for data analysis as an aid to business decision-making.  This course exposes the student to some of the most important ideas and methods relevant for data analysis in a business context.  Emphasizing practical applications to real problems, the course covers the following topics: sampling, descriptive statistics, probability distributions and regression analysis.
Organizational Behavior: Professor Erik Dane
Study of the many factors, which influence how individuals, groups, and teams behave and function in complex organizations and how they can be effectively managed.

Weekend Elective Class Options:

A typical weekend Saturday class visit schedule will look like this:

7:15AM — Meet your Class Host on campus
7:30AM — Class Begins 
NOON — Lunch with Class Host and the Class of 2018
**You may leave at mid-morning break but are more than welcome to stay the entire morning session as well**

Decision Models: Professor Dinah Cohen-Vernik
Successful management requires the ability to recognize a decision situation, understand its essential features, and make a choice. However, many of these situations - particularly those involving uncertainty and/or complex interactions - may be too difficult to grasp intuitively, and the stakes may be too high to learn by experience. This course introduces spreadsheet modeling, simulation, decision analysis and optimization to represent and analyze such complex problems. The skills learned in this course are applicable in almost all aspects of business and should be helpful in future courses.
Foundations of Supply Chain Management: Professor Shri Sarathy
The function of supply chain management is to design and manage the processes, assets, and flows of material, information and funds required to satisfy customers’ demands. In this course we study the major elements of supply chain management, learn how to design an integrated supply chain, and evaluate the fit with the business strategy. we will focus on decisions involving the investment in productive resources, configuration of processes, product designs, and development of partnerships with suppliers and channels of distribution.

Lunch and Learn Information Sessions

The Admissions team invites you to one of our Lunch and Learn Information Sessions around town. We understand that for working professionals, the lunch hour may be the easiest to slip away from the office. We invite you to learn about the MBA for Executives program in a casual setting. Following a brief presentation, you will have the chance to meet the Admissions team and enjoy your meal while chatting with current students in the program.


Other On-Campus Admissions Events

Admissions 101: Putting Together Your Best Application

For those prospective students who are further along in the application process, the Admissions Team is pleased to offer these on-campus seminars during the lunch hour. We will talk to invited prospective students about putting together the best business school application. We will provide valuable insight into what we are looking for in a Rice MBA for Professionals application and hopefully will allow you to put together your best application for this program!

So bring your lunch for this working lunch session here at the Jones School in McNair Hall. The presentation will be brief and we will leave plenty of time to answer your specific questions regarding your application.

You must apply ahead of time for this event. To be considered, you need to have a Rice MBA for Professionals application in progress in our system. To apply and be considered for this event, you must also include a copy of your current resume at the time of registration.

You will receive an email confirmation from Annie Hunnel, Associate Director of Admissions & Recruiting at annie.hunnel@rice.edu to confirm your place in the session.

All Admissions 101 events are from 11:30AM – 1PM in McNair Hall on the Rice University campus. Bring a Colleague to School Day

Do you ever wonder where your colleague goes after hours? Have you thought about working and going to school at the same time, but you didn’t know if you could do it? Do you want to jump start your career, add to your skill set and apply what you learn the next day at work?

Come experience the Rice MBA for yourself. We invite you to join your co-worker to see first-hand what life as a Rice MBA for Professionals student is like. Meet up with current students and your work mate for dinner, a building tour and a rigorous class and get a glimpse of a day in the life of a Rice MBA.