John Levene

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2012

Choosing the Jones Graduate School of Business
I chose the Rice MBA program because the school was a good fit for me. The structured first year appealed to me because I was not 100% sure what I wanted to do with my MBA. Furthermore, Rice MBA’s strong relationship with the energy industry was very appealing as I have a geotechnical engineering background (B.S., M.E). After looking at several other MBA schools, the Rice MBA course offerings are more diverse than other programs.

The Best Thing about the Rice MBA Experience
The experience with my team has been a highlight of this program. My team is quite diverse in our work styles, backgrounds, and goals. Personally, I come from a rather aggressive business environment in the Northeastern United States. Two of my teammates are international students, one is a veteran, and the third worked in public relations. We all bring very different talents and experiences to the table. It has been incredible working together as a group in both low and high stress situations. The conflicts and resolutions which arise have been great learning experiences.