LaMecia Butler

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2012

About Me
I worked as publicist in the sports and entertainment industries for more than six years. In the last year before I enrolled in the Rice MBA program, I opened a boutique public relations firm which allowed me to work with several local nonprofits and profit-driven businesses. This summer I interned for American Express in New York, working in the marketing department for the small business division.

Choosing the Rice MBA
I chose Rice because I was impressed by the professors, the students and the staff. In all, I felt Rice truly understood and aimed to have diversity in every aspect of its program and I knew that the school’s efforts to promote and highlight diversity would provide me with a better MBA experience. And as a first-year MBA student, my team reflects this diversity. Despite our differences we are always able to unite around the common goal of doing the best for every assignment. We are extremely efficient when we work together and we are accommodating of everyone’s schedule and aspirations so it makes this experience better. The value of the Rice MBA to me is priceless and I can’t imagine I would have the same experience anywhere. I am a huge advocate of the Rice MBA program.

On Immersion, a Rigorous Preview of Rice MBA life
Immersion is a precursor to what life as an MBA student entails. The sooner you learn to manage the workload, personal obligations, sleep deprivation, all while contributing to class discussions, the sooner you will adjust to what lies ahead. The best part of Immersion was learning about my teammates and the time spent evaluating our personal leadership styles and strengths. It helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses in a team environment and learn the same of my teammates. There were several events led by the Career Management Center that were extremely beneficial for the internship search, which begins almost immediately after Immersion ends.