Mallory Engler

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2012

On Immersion, a Rigorous Preview of Rice MBA life Immersion is an intense yet incredible first two weeks of the Rice MBA program. Not only did we learn concepts that would drive us straight into the first term’s materials, but we also became rapidly integrated into the school, its traditions, and our teams. Within two weeks, I had learned more than I could have imagined, and already made amazing connections with my team.

I was nervous before entering the program because I did not have an undergraduate business degree; however I felt that the Immersion courses absolutely prepared me to be on track with the rest of my class. Doing the pre-work was essential, but the courses were at a perfect pace for all levels of learners and definitely set me up for success.

The Best Thing About the Rice MBA Experience
The size of the program allows for daily intellectual collaboration between our classmates, and the consistent interaction with faculty and staff has been incredible. Since starting at Rice I have already built skills and knowledge essential for my future, and am consistently challenged, inside the classroom and out, through clubs and hands-on learning opportunities.

About the Action Learning Project (ALP)

I worked with Chloe Dao, Project Runway Winner and owner/designer of LOT 8 Boutique in Houston. ALP was absolutely valuable. It was a lot of hard work, and at times an exhausting experience, but it was also the perfect way to culminate the first year class experience and put my MBA skills to work in a valuable way. Working with Chloe to revitalize and streamline her business has been an incredible business experience and a great way to provide value to the Houston community.