Norman Wright II

Rice MBA Full Time Class of 2012

The Best Thing About the Rice MBA Experience
The best part of my Rice MBA experience so far are the people that I have met. From my classmates to the faculty and staff, I have quickly developed relationships that I will keep for many years to come. Not only have I made some great friends in the short time that I have been at Rice but I have also met many people who I know I will be able to contact in the future for advice and guidance.

My teams have also been amazing. I think the school does a great job of making sure each core team has a good mix of backgrounds and experience. This allows for us as students to learn from our teammates and gain valuable insight from their experiences.

On Immersion, a Rigorous Preview of Rice MBA life

Immersion definitely prepared me well for the first semester of B-school. It prepares you because you hit the ground running once Immersion starts and then you keep that momentum up throughout the first semester. It definitely takes some time to get adjusted to all that goes on your first semester. The program is very dynamic and challenging. After you get situated with how the program works, it changes gear and the latter part of the year is more about team and project management.