Energy Club

The Rice MBA Energy Club aims to equip its members with knowledge, skills, and relationships so they may become successful professionals and leaders in the energy industry in throughout the world. 

To accomplish these objectives, the Energy Club will:

  • Educate students in all facets of the dynamic energy industry
  • Connect students with a vast network of energy professionals, resources, and Jones School alumni that is both local and global in scope
  • Promote local events that offer club members opportunities for professional development, learning, and networking
  • Facilitate civic involvement among club members and the Houston, Texas community

Officers 2013-2014

Nathan Pope

Concentration: Energy & Finance
Undergraduate School: Oklahoma Christian University
Hometown: Arlington, TX
Summer Internship: Corporate Development Financial Analyst, Anadarko Petroleum
James Lewis
Vice President of External Relations

Concentration: Energy
Undergraduate School: Duke University
Hometown: Effort, PA
Summer Internship: Strategic Planning Analyst, Cheniere Energy
Samarth Jain
Vice President of Internal Relations

Undergraduate School: University of Mumbai
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Summer Internship: Senior Product Manager, Amazon
Jordan Speaker
Vice President of Finance/Treasury

Undergraduate School: Colorado State University
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Summer Internship: Finance/Treasury, ConocoPhillips
Brett Magill
Vice President of Career Development

Concentration: Energy & Finance
Undergraduate School: Texas Christian University
Hometown: Houston, TX
Summer Internship: Corporate Development Financial Analyst, Matrix Oil
Nila Chakrabarti
Vice President of Upstream

Concentration: Energy & Finance
Undergraduate School: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagur
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Summer Internship: Finance/Treasury, ConocoPhillips
Omar Zakaria
Vice President of Midstream

Concentration: Finance
Undergraduate School: University of Houston
Hometown: Houston, TX
Summer Internship: Investment Banking, RBC Capital Markets
Kirk Oliver
Vice President of Downstream

Concentration: Energy & Finance
Undergraduate School: Texas Christian University
Hometown: Katy, TX
Summer Internship: Investment Appraisal, Phillips 66
Ope Amosu
Vice President of Oilfield Services

Concentration: Energy & Management Consulting
Undergraduate School: Truman State University
Hometown: Houston, TX
Summer Internship: Experienced Commercial Leadership Program, GE Oil & Gas
Pedro Pablo Rodriguez
Vice President of Power & Utilities

Concentration: Energy & Entrepreneurship
Undergraduate School: University of Lima
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Summer Internship: Marketing Subsea, Camerson Subsea
Michael Fisackerly
Vice President of Alternatives & Renewables

Concentration: Energy & Finance
Undergraduate School: Texas A&M University
Hometown: Houston, TX
Summer Internship: Midstream Financial Analyst, Anadarko Petroleum
Walter Castillo
Vice President of MBA-Professional Relations

Undergraduate School: Louisiana State University
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Summer Internship: Full-time employee, Centerpoint Energy


Energy Education Series - We plan to have representatives from different companies in the energy industry come to give an explanation of how their business fits into the overall energy value chain and the different career paths one can pursue in that type of company. This is intended to be a rather informal way for companies and students to connect. Also, this is provides a forum for students to share their experiences with their peers. We usually provide some food and drinks at these events.

Energy Speaker Series - We plan to have senior level industry speakers give their perspective on the industry and broader economic and technological developments and trends. The format of these meetings usually consists of a speaker with prepared slides or a particular topic of interest. Afterwards, the students are encouraged to engage with the speaker through a 15-20 minute follow up question and answer session relevant to the speakers topic or expertise.

Energy Education Information – The Energy Club has access to tremendous amounts of industry reports and data that we make available on the club's website.

Networking Events – Often there are many opportunities that the Energy Club is involved in that expose students to alumni and other high level influential people in the energy industry.

Energy Treks - We take a field trip to an operating location or facility to examine company's business on a first hand basis such as an energy trading floor, a drilling rig, or a manufacturing facility.

Extra Learning Opportunities – We offer discounted courses on finance/energy related classes such as Wall Street Prep/Breaking Into Wall Street/Paradigm Energy Training, that are hosted by the Energy Club and/or the Finance Club. These courses are usually weekend courses or self paced online courses and designed to be intensive style training for financial modeling or energy trading, etc.

Interview Prep – These are designed as mock interviews to help you get a better understanding of the types of questions you will be asked in an energy industry interview.