Education Leadership Club


The Education Leadership Club strives to increase the awareness and the exposure of the role business professionals can play in the education sector, particularly within the Jones School community, while furthering partnerships with Rice University, the greater Houston region, and national and international education communities. In addition to building the prestige of careers in education, the club serves as an additional resource students can use as they look for ways to become more involved in their respective communities.

For more information, please contact the ELC President, Jasmine Richads at


Jasmine Richards
Natalia Toledo
Vice President


Past ELC Events*:
August 28, 2013     Jones School Club Day (Full-Time)
September 23, 2013   Speaker Series: Corporate Responsibility and the Education Sector
November 20, 2013   Screening of the Girl Rising Documentary
February/March 2014   Speaker Series: Education Leadership Symposium

*Additional social events, networking events, and company presentations will be added.


The Education Leadership Club is committed to connecting graduate students at Rice University with the greater Houston region, national and international education communities. We serve our members by providing information sessions, service learning opportunities and networking events. If you are interested in learning more about the Education Leadership Club or would like to schedule a networking event please email Jasmine Richards at

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