Lora Robles

Lora Robles

Rice MBA for Professionals Class of 2012 – Weekend Schedule

"With a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, I have spent the past five years working as an Applications Engineer for Invensys Operations Management. IOM is a global advanced technology company and I specialize in developing dynamic simulation models primarily for the oil and gas industry.

In addition to the Rice MBA for Professionals program, I considered the MBA programs at Texas A&M University and the University of Houston. After researching and visiting all three schools, I discovered that Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business MBA for Professionals program best complemented my goals and reflected my desires in an MBA program. I found the rankings of the Rice MBA for Professionals program to be impressive, in particular, its ranking as the 8th overall MBA program for 2009 according to BusinessWeek. Additionally, I believe the fact that the Jones Graduate School of Business is an accredited business program and employs world-renowned faculty gives credibility to the college and a sense of faith in the academics and people behind the program. After attending an informational session on campus, I was even more excited about what Rice’s MBA program has to offer, specifically the study abroad and elective opportunities. These factors made Rice University the top choice amongst the universities where I wanted to pursue an MBA.

One of the most surprising things to me is the different teaching styles or techniques used by the professors here at Rice. I have an engineering background, so most of the classes during my undergraduate experience were traditional lecture-type classes, where the student listened and took notes as the professor transmitted their knowledge to the class via lecture. However, within the first week of starting this Rice MBA for Professionals program, I quickly saw that this was not the case with a lot of the classes we began taking. The professors used interactive approaches to teaching, such as the case-method of teaching or class discussions. I found this to be a new and enriching experience where I learned through both my peers’ and professors’ experiences. Learning from my peers has really shone through in my team experiences. My team is a dynamic group of individuals who are committed to the MBA program and experience. Each team member has a unique and different background, which enables them to bring new and diversified perspectives and thoughts to the table.

As I finish up my first year in this Rice MBA for Professionals program, I can see how the skills and knowledge that I have acquired throughout the program will greatly benefit me for a lifetime and enable me to achieve my goal of attaining both personal and professional growth. From a personal growth perspective, I am interested in developing and strengthening my leadership skills. Becoming a well-respected leader in industry and in my community is of great importance to me and something that I aspire to be. In my opinion, part of being a successful leader is being able to not only make decisions, but to make well-educated decisions. I believe the education that I will receive through the Rice MBA program will empower me with the knowledge and experience I need in analyzing issues and making smart decisions based on my analysis."

Lora Robles
Applications Engineer
Invensys Operations Management