LP Fortin-Burroughes

Rice MBA for Professionals Class of 2012 – Evening Schedule

"I have worked for GE Energy Services two and half years after earning a Bachelor of Engineering in Materials at McGill University in Montreal, QC. My current role is that of Process Quality Engineer and am responsible for quality across four industrial gas turbine repair product lines, representing over 1500 pieces of work-in-progress. In addition to the typical production environment challenges of on-time-delivery and productivity improvement, I organize and facilitate our continuous improvement efforts with the objective of eliminating all internally-generated rework.

The choice between the various professional or full-time program options proved delicate: should I fully immerse myself for two years or take the “part-time” approach? It was only after attending a collection of Rice MBA recruiting events that I understood pursuing a professional degree could still be synonymous with academic rigor and prestige; having a top professionals program in my backyard was the icing on the cake. Indeed, it became clear that the return of the MBA experience would be amplified by applying the business concepts to my new working responsibilities. Once I understood my needs and wants, the Rice MBA for Professionals was the only program that met all of my criteria.

I am pleased to report that merely one semester into the program I have fulfilled one of my MBA objectives: to meet new, like-minded and motivated individuals to exchange ideas and experiences with. My expectations of classmates and team members remain elevated for those in the Rice MBA and no individual has disappointed. Whereas I expected occasional complaints about the workload, I’ve met positive can-do attitudes. Finally, the team-based structure and accountability at Rice has fostered structure and discipline, both invaluable in the academic and professional realms. Based on my experience so far, the value of the Rice MBA lies in its sense of family and its ability to transform the hard-worker into an efficient hard-worker."

LP Fortin-Burroughes
Process Quality Engineer
GE Energy Services