Tony Almond

Rice MBA for Professionals Class of 2011 – Evening Schedule

Best Thing About the Rice MBA:
Since completing my first year of this Rice MBA for Professionals program, one of the best things about the program has been the amazing people that I’ve met in the program along with the direct applicability of a lot of the curriculum to my job. It’s really great to be learning again in a classroom setting! One of the things that I have learned is how important my team is to my success in this program. Someday, when I start my own company, I want my teammates from this program to be involved. I have absolute faith in their ability to deliver under pressure. As to how this MBA experience has affected my job? This Rice MBA for Professionals experience has encouraged me to voice my opinion on a number of issues around the company, and more importantly, be able to back up that opinion with tangible and relevant analysis. Coming to this Rice MBA program was absolutely the right decision for me and my family.

With my Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, I am now currently the Chief Geophysicist with Woodside Energy (USA). I am responsible for all geophysical work carried out in the USA business unit, including budget management, contract negotiations, people and project management, risk assessment and discipline health.