Elizabeth Berger

Rice PhD in Business

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Berger graduated from Newcomb College of Tulane University in 2005 with a BA in Economics and a BFA in Music Performance. After graduation, Lizzy returned to her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and took a position with Western Southern Financial Group. In Cincinnati, she was an active volunteer, providing meals to the homeless with the 5000 Club, singing with the Christ Church Cathedral Choir, and helping out with a local youth group. She watched as New Orleans struggled to its feet after Hurricane Katrina and vowed to return and be part of the recovery. In December of 2006, Lizzy accepted a position with Smith Barney in New Orleans. Upon returning to New Orleans, she met with former professors and friends in the music community. Local music organizations were in strong need of assistance and fresh energy. She began volunteering with the Friends of Music, the Symphony and the Junior Committee of the New Orleans Opera.

What inspired you to earn a PhD, and why did you choose Rice?
I chose Rice because it is an excellent school, the faculty seemed very excited about the new program, there seems to be a great deal of support for the program, we have access to some of the best minds in the field and I love the southern climate. I don't have a research focus yet. I was more certain of what I wanted to research a few months ago, before my brain got turned around by all of the learning we are doing. I am interested in asset pricing and consumer behavior.