Tod Cox

Rice PhD in Business | Vita (PDF)

What inspired you to earn a PhD, and why did you choose Rice?
Pursuing an MBA for Executives at Rice exposed me to the quantitative side of marketing - something that I was not fully aware of previously. I found several topics in marketing to be very engaging and intellectually challenging. Additionally, I was impressed with the faculty at the Jones School and maintained contact with many of them after completing my MBA. When the Jones School decided to start a PhD program, it was an easy decision to choose Rice.

What are some interesting/surprising things you’ve learned while attending Rice?
The PhD program is very different from my MBA experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my MBA classes, but the PhD is a completely different level.

What is your research focus?
My current research projects are mostly quantitative in nature with some behavioral components. My intentions are to leverage my experience in industry along with the econometric methods I am learning to explore new product development.