Hanie Lee

Rice PhD in Business | Vita (PDF)

Hanie Lee is a doctoral student in marketing at the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. She worked in marketing for 4 years in the household products industry. She received her MA in Education in 2004 with a concentration on Teaching of English from Teachers College, Columbia University. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of California at Berkeley. Her current research interest is in consumer behavior.

What inspired you to earn a PhD, and why did you choose Rice?
During my time as a high school English teacher, I became very interested in human behavior and how it related to the market. The creativity required for advertising ideas as well as the analytical processes necessary to identify targeted consumers appealed to me. After teaching, I was working at a company within a specialized, niche market, and I was often faced with various forms of marketing: trying to understand and predict consumer behavior; experimenting with various forms of advertising; copywriting to promote various products; searching for ways of reaching different customer bases as well as identifying them; and trying to maximize profits and recognition at trade shows. I was able to participate in these activities and implement ideas, but I felt constrained in resources and instruction. I had been learning through hands-on experience thus far, and was seeking knowledge other than what could be self-taught. I missed the classroom and instruction that would help me to create my own innovative methods or make my contribution by providing insight as to how to direct the flow of innovation in others. The best way to combine my love of teaching with my interest in marketing would have been to pursue a doctorate in marketing and become a professor.

Rice’s marketing program appealed to me in that it is one of the few providing quality resources to accommodate my strong interest in the behavioral aspect of marketing with interdisciplinary perspectives.