Operations Club

The Operations Club is dedicated to provide opportunities for our members to learn the fundamental knowledge of Operation, Supply Chain, Logistics, and International Trade, and to network with professionals to better prepare themselves for their future career development.


The Operations Club strives to reduce the distance between the academic and industry environment by educating, advising, and advancing JGBS students. We educate by connecting with industry experts. We advise by providing feedback from supply chain and operations experience. We advance our members by connecting them with JGBS resources.

Please feel free to contact Rolando Lara (Rolando.Lara@rice.edu) for further information.

Officers 2013-2014

Rolando Lara

Kyle Hoelscher
Vice President
of Industrial Relations

Brett Magill
Vice President
of Corporate Relations

Gaurav Sharma
Vice President
of Education

Yvonne Chen
Vice President
of Marketing and Communications

Angela Yang
Vice President
of Finance

Juan Carlos Irias
Programs Liaison

Karl Suttie-Kadish
Programs Liaison

Joseph Gomes
Executive MBA


Company Treks
  • Oil & Gas, Renewable, Beverage, etc.
  • Industry resources
  • Operations Education information
  • Sample Resumes and Operations Key Word List

Networking and industry connections
  • Operations professionals panel- International Supply Chain
  • Alumni Happy Hours
  • Past interview information and transcripts