Consulting Club

The Consulting Club is geared to equip its members with the knowledge and tactics to exploit opportunities in the consulting industry. The club also provides a social forum for networking with key leaders, alumni, and colleagues to foster consulting opportunities.


The Consulting Club of the Jones Graduate School of Business helps equip its members with the necessary knowledge and network to succeed in careers in consulting and business development. The club serves its members and the Jones School community in two ways:
  • As a resource for students to learn to excel at case analysis and interviewing through workshops, team practice, and intra-school competition
  • As a vehicle for students to network with consulting and business development leaders and contacts through the club’s database and social events.
Requirements of Membership
  • Regular Members: MBA Candidate at the Jones Graduate School of Business
  • Organization may not discriminate in policy or action on grounds of race, religion, color, sexual orientation, national origin, or sex
  • Honorary Member: Alumni of Jones Graduate School of Business
  • Principal officers must be currently registered Rice students
  • $50 Membership fee
Financial Operations
  • Vice President (Treasury): Will be responsible, with authority power from Executive Board and club members, to determine how funds are allocated
  • Funds will be allocated only for consulting club activities. Active participation will be required by the executive committee to determine fund allocation
Faculty Sponsors
  • Future Faculty Sponsors-Executive Board will solicit additional faculty sponsors as needed
Amending the Charter
  • Amendments are made by the Executive Board with active participation from club members and honorary members

Officers 2015-2016

Kyle Greer