Council of Overseers

The Council of Overseers consists of community and business leaders who fulfill an important advisory role to the dean and faculty of the Jones School. Their advice is sought on key strategic issues and they are an important resource to the dean. It is the mission of the council to work with the dean and faculty to ensure that the Jones School meets the highest standards attainable for a graduate school of business. Council members serve renewable three-year terms.

Dr. William H. Glick
Dean and H. Joe Nelson III Professor of Management
Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business
  Mr. T. Jay Collins, Chairman
(Rice BA '68, Rice ME '69)
Former President & CEO
Oceaneering International, Inc.

Council Members (A-F)

Mr. Osmar Abib, Jr.
(Rice BS '81)
Managing Director, Global Head of Oil and Gas
Global Energy Investment Banking
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC
Mr. William (Bill) Caesar
WCA Waste Corporation
Ms. Judy Ley Allen
(Rice '61)
Allen Investments
Ms. Janet F. Clark
EOG Resources

Ms. Subha V. Barry
(Rice MBA '85)
Vice President & General Manager
Working Mother Media

Mr. James W. Crownover
(Rice BA '65, BS '66)
Former Director, McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Mr. Bruce Bilger
Senior Advisor
Lazard Freres & Co.
Mr. Edmund Donaldson
(Rice MBA '91)
Managing Director, Portfolio Management
USAA Real Estate Company
Mr. Jack S. Blanton, Jr.
(Rice EMBA '01)
Nicklos Drilling Co.
Ms. Lynn Laverty Elsenhans
(Rice BA '78)
Former Chairman & CEO

Mr. Lee K. Boothby
(Rice MBA '92)
President and CEO
Newfield Exploration Company
Mr. C. Richard Everett
(Rice BA '67, BAR '68)
Chairman and CEO
Everett Interests
C. Richard Everett Investments, LLC
Ms. Vicki Whamond Bretthauer
(Rice BA '79)
Mr. David Fine
President and CEO
Catholic Health Initiatives,
Institute for Research and Innovation(CIRI)

Mr. Robert T. Brockman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Reynolds and Reynolds
Mr. Jerry E. Finger
Managing Partner
Finger Interests, Ltd
Mr. Clint D. Carlson
(Rice BA '79, MBA '82)
President and Chief Investment Officer
Carlson Capital
Mr. Douglas L. Foshee
(Rice MBA '92)
Sallyport Investment, LLC
Mr. John A. Carrig


Council Members (G-M)

Ms. Karen Ostrum George
(Rice BA '77, MACC '78)
Ralph S. O'Connor & Associates
Mr. B. Ben Hollingsworth, Jr.
(Rice BA '64)
BBH Capital
Mr. George Y. Gonzalez
(Rice BA '90)
Partner - Energy, Mergers and Acquisitions and International Practice Groups
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Mr. F. E. (Emil) Jacobs
(Rice BA '73)
Retired Vice President of Research and Development
ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company
Mr. Martyn Goossen
Managing Director
JP Morgan Private Banking
Mr. R. Chris Kreidler
Executive Vice President, CFO
Sysco Corporation
Mr. Mauro Gregorio
President, Energy Solutions
Dow Chemical Company
Mr. Robert T. Ladd
(Rice BA '78)
Managing Partner
Stellus Capital Management, LLC
Mr. Timothy T. Griffy
(Rice BA '79, MACC '80)
Partner, Assurance Services
Ernst & Young LLP
Mr. Robert D. "Doug" Lawler (MBA '02)
President & Chief Executive Officer
Chesapeake Energy
Ms. Janet Gurwitch
Operating Partner
Castanea Partners
Mr. Michael C. Linn
MCL Ventures, LLC
Mr. Joseph A. Hafner Jr.
Retired Chairman
Riviana Foods, Inc.
Mr. Scott McClelland

Mr. Tommy O. Huie
(Rice BA & BS '87)
President, CIO
Pennant Management, Inc.
Mr. Richard K. McGee
(Rice BA '83)
Vice President & General Counsel
Plains All American Pipeline, L.P.

Mr. Ali Moshiri 
Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Compan
Mr. D. Cal McNair
(Rice MBA ’95)
Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer
Houston Texans

Council Members (N-Z)

Mr. Scott Nyquist
McKinsey and Company
Ms. Anne Taylor
Vice Chairman and Regional Managing Partner, Mid-America
Deloitte LLP
Mr. Adam C. Peakes
(Rice BA '95)
Managing Director
Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
Mr. Troy W. Thacker
(Rice BS '95)
President and Chief Executive Officer
Total Safety U.S., Inc.

Mr. Robert A. Peiser
Retired CEO & President
Imperial Sugar Company
Mr. Stephen M. Trauber
(Rice BA '84)
Vice Chairman
Global Head of Energy Power Chemical
Mr. James J. Postl
Retired President and Chief Executive Officer
Pennzoil-Quaker State Company
Mr. James S. Turley
(Rice BA '77, MACC '78)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Ernst & Young
Mr. Robert L. Potter
(Rice BCO '73)
Former President
FMC Technologies, Inc.
Jesse J. Tyson Mr. Jesse J. Tyson
President & CEO
Mr. Roland Rodriguez
Managing Principal
Ms. Jessica Uhl
Executive Vice President
Mr. Peter Schwab
(Rice BA '78, MACC '80)
Managing Director
Piper Jaffray & Co.
Ms. Lori Vetters
Regional Commercial Executives
Mr. Anup Sharma
Chief Information Officer
GE Oil and Gas
Mr. Scott Wise
(Rice BA ’71)
President and Chief Investment Officer
Covariance Capital Management, Inc.
Mr. L.E. Simmons
SCF Partners

Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Phillip D. Brown
(Rice MBA ’08)
President - Jones Graduate School
Alumni Association Board (JGSAA)
Mr. Sameer Bandhu
(Rice MBA ’07)
Product Line Leader
GE Transportation
President - Jones Partners Board

Mr. Bobby Tudor
Rice Board Chairman

Chairman and CEO
Tudor, Pickering, Hold & Co., LLC

Emeriti Members

Mr. Jack S. Blanton, Sr.
Eddy Refining Company
Mr. John F. Bookout, Jr.
Retired President and Chief Executive Officer
Shell Oil Company
Mr. W.J. Bowen
Retired Chairman
Transco Energy Company
Mr. Philip J. Burguieres
Vice Chairman
Houston Texans
Pastor Kirbyjon H. Caldwell
Senior Pastor
Windsor Village United Methodist Church
Mr. James L. Dunlap
El Paso Corporation
Mr. Peter J. Fluor
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Texas Crude Energy, Inc.
Mr. Terry M. Giles
Giles Enterprises, Inc.
Mr. Harold S. Hook
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
American General Corporation
Mr. George Martinez
(Rice BA '63)
CEO , Allegiance Bank Texas
Mr. Steven J. Kean
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Kinder Morgan Inc.
Mr. R. Ralph Parks
Oaktree Capital (H.K.) Ltd.
Mr. Steven L. Miller
Chairman and President
SLM Discovery Ventures, Inc.
Mr. Jerry H. Pyle
President and Chief Executive Officer
Friedkin Automotive Companies
Mr. W. Bernard Pieper
(Rice BA '53, BS '54)
Pieper Interests
Mr. David Ross
III Ross Interests
Mr. John B. Poindexter
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
J. B. Poindexter and Co., Inc.
Mr. Daniel S. Sanders
Retired President
ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Mr. J. Hugh Roff, Jr.
President and Chief Executive Officer
Roff Resources LLC
Mr. Mark A. Wallace
President & Chief Executive Officer
Texas Children's Hospital
Mr. Thomas Roupe
Mr. William A. Wise
Wise Interests
Mr. Louis Sklar
Retired Executive
Vice President Louis Sklar
Mr. Henry O. Hernandez Jr.
(Rice BA '78)
Managing Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Executive Consulting
Mr. Keith T. Anderson
(Rice MBA ’83)
Chairman and CIO
Anderson Global Macro LLC
Mr. Ashok Rao
Medical Adhesive Revolution Inc.