Technology Club


The mission of the Technology Club is to provide its members with an enriching learning experience and drive career development in a variety of roles across the technology industry. The club aims to accomplish its mission by:

  1. Educating students on potential career paths and connecting them with post-MBA opportunities related to technology.


  1. Providing opportunities for our members by helping them establish valuable professional networks.


  1. Promoting well-rounded learning and development by creating various forums to help students gain valuable industry insights.


In the 2014-2015 academic year we plan to meet these goals by hosting information sessions, bringing in relevant speakers and panels, as well as organizing treks to visit companies in various technology-related roles and sectors.


Officers 2014-2015

Rafeh Muhammad
Victoria Grinbaum
Vice President
of Austin Trek

Denisse Cahuayme
Vice President
of San Francisco Trek
Peng Tan
Vice President
of Events

Yafei Ren
Vice President
of Treasury
Karima Jivani
Vice President
of External Relations

Liang Liu
Vice President
of Internal Relations
Luis Hasbun
Vice President
of Rice Schools Outreach & Development

Narayan Swaminathan
MBA for Professionals Liaison



Technology Club hosts exciting events throughout the year to help its members explore new avenues for learning, networking and career development


  • Speaker Series: Hear from some of the best leaders in technology
  • Info-sessions: Network with key firms in technology and learn about the different roles across marketing, finance and strategy
  • Meet the Interns: Learn about second year students' exciting internship experiences @HP, IBM, Samsung, Verizon, and Deloitte
  • Travel Treks: Explore companies in various tech-centric cities.  Previous trips have included Austin, San Francisco, and more.  Company visits have included businesses such as Facebook, Tesla, Open Table, and Salesforce.


For further information, please visit our booth during Clubs Day or contact one of our officers.