Net Impact

There are many organizations on campus, but only one that focuses on the entire impact businesses have on the community and society. Net Impact focuses on corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability: the future of business!


NI mission at the Jones School: To create awareness of the triple bottom line approach to business as well as opportunities to find career paths that align with this vision.

Net Impact is:
  • An international organization with over 300 member chapters - spanning six continents
  • A group of more than 40,000 members making a tangible difference in public, private and non-profit organization
  • An influential network of MBAs, graduate students, and professionals
  • A strong network and platform that assists at any stage of your career through a jobs board and other tools 
  • A group of current and emerging leaders in CSR, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability who are actively improving the world
Net Impact hosts two events per semester: a speaker series and a community involvement activity. Financial assistance is available for the NI conference.

Officers 2014-2015

Vaish Narasimhan
Brad Prescott
General Officer

Indraneel Shikhare
General Officer
Karen Cook
General Officer

Lauren Madden
General Officer
Muxin Li
General Officer

Get Involved

Rice Chapter Initiatives:
Campus Greening CSR Curriculum

NI Rice is collaborating with the JGS administration to improve green programs, recycling and energy efficiency at JGS.

NI Rice is working with JGS administration to promote curriculum changes that incorporate CSR and social enterprise.

Board Fellows Program Sustainable Community Service

NI Rice is currently working with Rice University to institute the Board Fellows Program, where JGS students will be able to sit on the boards of local non-profit organizations.

NI Rice is committed to developing ongoing community service and charitable giving opportunities for students to help JGS make a meaningful impact on Houston.

Club Collaboration Rice Chapter Expansion

NI Rice is working with JGS clubs to promote sustainability and CSR initiatives related to their disciplines. Examples include Finance Club (microfinance), Real Estate Club(LEED and conservation), Energy Club (alternative energy), and Marketing Club (green "washing")

In just two years, the Rice Chapter of Net Impact has doubled in size and has been integral in JGS' CSR and greening efforts. We are committed to continuing these efforts to transform JGS into a top notch social enterprise school.

Ongoing Rice Chapter Volunteer Opportunities:
Neighborhood Tax Center Board Fellows Program

Net Impact is working with the Neighborhood Centers program helping low-income families and small businesses prepare their tax returns. JGS volunteers are needed to use their business skills to help fill out simple returns.

NI Rice is currently accepting applications for the Non-profit Board Fellows Program, which we are currently organizing.