Frequent Questions

Rice University and the Jones School each use the guidelines from “The Associated Press Stylebook” for grammar, punctuation, and other questions regarding the use of language.  We suggest that each department purchase an updated version of this book to assist them in writing correspondence.
Q.  How do I connect the Jones School with Rice?

A. Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University or  Jones Graduate School at Rice University

Q. When do I use “Jesse H. Jones,” “Jones Graduate School,” or just “Jones School”?  

A. In formal correspondence, when identifying the school the first time, use the full name: Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business. However, if space or brevity is a concern, you may use “Jones Graduate School of Business.”

It is also appropriate to use “Jones School” in written documents or if space is an issue. Using it in verbal conversation, on the web or in informal correspondence is also acceptable.

Recently, using “Jones Graduate School” was considered preferred. However, it has been determined that most people prefer saying “Jones School” without “Graduate” inserted. To encourage consistency that reflects what most people naturally say, the use of “Jones School” is now considered the favored shortened name.

Name in preferential order:

              Jones Graduate School of Business

              Jones School
Q. What acronym should I use for the name?  


A. “JGSB” is the shortest and most recognizable to an internal audience. Do not use the acronym with an external audience unless you have previously listed the full name of the school:

              Jones Graduate School of Business (JGSB)

Q. How do I refer to the various programs and what acronyms do I use for them?  

A. We must leverage our relationship with Rice University so we should use the Rice name before the program:
              Rice MBA

              Rice Full-Time MBA

              Rice MBA for Executives
                    Acronym: EMBA (industry standard)

              Rice MBA for Professionals

                    Acronym: MBAP (industry standard)

              Rice MBA for Professionals Weekend

                    Acronym: MBAP-W

              Rice MBA for Professionals Evening

                    Acronym: MBAP-E

              Rice Full-Time MBA Health Care Concentration

              Rice Fully-Employed MBA Programs — Health Care Specialization Track

              Rice Education Entrepreneurship Program

                    Acronym: REEP

Note: there is no hyphen between “Full Time” if it is used alone as the name of the program. If Full Time is used to modify another word then a hyphen is necessary: Rice MBA Full-Time program

Q. How should we refer to non-MBA program names?  

A. Just like our MBA products, we should capitalize on the Rice name as much as possible. Though in verbal and occasionally written communications it might be awkward to always use the Rice name, it is best to leverage the relationship often:
              Rice PhD in Business

              Rice Executive Education

              Rice Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management
              Rice Undergraduate Business Minor Program
                   Shortened: Business minor


Q. How should we NOT refer to the programs?  

A. Do not use the following:
              RPMBA (pronounced “Pembah”)

              Daytime MBA

              Weekend MBA

              Undergrad minor

              “Jones” by itself

              Jones Graduate School of Management


Q. When do we use periods with scholastic designations? 

A. Use periods when designations are used in titles:

              Jane Doe, Ph.D.

          If you’re using the designation in a sentence, then you do not use periods:

              Dr. Doe received her PhD from the Jones Graduate School of Business.

          The same rule applies to MBA:

              John Doe M.B.A.

              John received his MBA from the Jones Graduate School of Business.

Q. When do I use the Jones Graduate School of Business logo, the Rice MBA logo or a program logo? 

          JGSB Brand Standards Logo for Q & A 


A. This logo is the preferred mark for the school and will be used on virtually all marketing materials including the website, advertisements, brochures and most promotional items.

However, because of the intricate design of the shield, and the horizontal shape of the logo, there are times the preferred logo may not print or reproduce well. When this occurs, we will follow the same guidelines as the university and not use the shield such as on small promotional items. The following marks should be used minimally and only when the “Jones Graduate School of Business” mark will not fit appropriately in a small area.

The following marks are alternatives and in preferred order:

          JGSB Brand Standards All Logos