Many significant corporate and economic events have rocked the business world this past decade. If there is one thing that we as a society have learned from these experiences, it is the importance of accountability and accounting. The value of record keeping has been known to mankind since the Mesopotamian civilization some 7000 years ago. But, in today’s world of multinationals and the global reach of capital markets, a world in which capital providers have little direct influence over how organizations are managed, the accounting function has become key to business stewardship and control. Academic institutions shoulder an immense responsibility in training future generations of business graduates and accountants who are equal to the challenges of this complex business arena we find ourselves in. We, at the Jones Graduate School of Business, see this as an opportunity to lead the way as we look forward to commencing the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program in 2016. With outstanding faculty in our accounting group, we are well positioned to achieve our research and educational goals.

Some notable faculty accomplishments for which we take great pride include:

The 2013 Financial Times global rankings named the Jones School No. 4 in accountancy (based on alumni rating). The school’s accounting faculty includes Thomas Hemmer, one of the most prolific analytical accounting scholars in the world, who is often invited to other top universities to teach their doctoral students; Karen Nelson, a renowned scholar in financial reporting and disclosure issues, under whose past leadership the accounting faculty at the Jones School has grown impressively in size and stature; and Stephen Zeff, a past president of the American Accounting Association and a member of the Accounting Hall of Fame, who was recently awarded the Keith Anderson Chair in business education. K. Ramesh, an eminent scholar in financial reporting and a past president of the Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (FARS) of the American Accounting Association, and our deputy dean of academic affairs, was recently awarded the Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Accounting.

As the head of our accounting group, I welcome you to visit our website and learn more about our faculty, courses and research.


Shiva Sivaramakrishnan
Henry Gardiner Symonds Professor of Accounting